Yogi Mama`s Though of the Day


Hi everyone out there!
Have you ever worried about someone`s health to the point of it affecting your own?
Have you pleaded with them to make changes?
Have you led by example only to feel it has fallen on deaf ears?
What if we just trusted that person to care enough about themselves to take better care of themselves. Maybe by letting them take charge they will be inspired enough to do what is right for them. By letting go of control you are giving them back their power and trusting them to do what is best. Afterall, it is up to the individual to make those choices. if they ask for help, be by their side but don`t force your opinions.
I have come to the conclusion that one must have more faith in their loved ones and this is a true example of love. This will help you to take better care of your own self. It`s not an easy thing to do, but I think it is worth it!

Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Namaste All!

Do you ever feel enraged abut something?
Is it because you feel helpless and used?
What are some ways to take control of the situation and have some power over circumstances?
Should we just give in, suck it up & take one for the team?
Should we exert our own will at the expense of the other person or should we compromise?
Why does compromise sometimes feel like defeat?
I think it is all in your prespective. Does your defeat help the other person?
Should that be seen as a victory for you?
Are you just being stubborn if you insist on getting the win?
Does it make you feel good or bad?
Sometimes it is really hard to turn the other cheek, sometimes it makes you SEETHE.
IF you can do it with grace you may be on the way to becoming a better person.


Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Morning Everyone!
Did you watch the Superbowl (or the Halftime show) this past Sunday? What an inspiration Lady Gaga was!
I was completely mezmerized and scared for her when she was on the roof.
She is such a consumate perfformer that she can perform on a roof and we wouldn`t notice a difference from when she`s performing on good ole terra firma!
Then when she took that dive!! I certainly had butterflies in my stomach!
I think thta was the best Superbowl performance ever, at least that I have seen!
The light show was tremendous too, did you know that the lights in the sky were drones?! What a creative use for them!
This morning when I was doing the treadmill, I was so uninspired, but then I thought of Lady Gaga and all she did for her fans. what if she was feeling under the weather, had a cold or even achey muscles? You would never know, she just gave an extraordinary performance!
Thatt is my lesson for the day. Push through and the results will be fantastic!
Another lesson learned, my yogi daughter has been a devoted fan of Lady Gaga`s since the beginning, I would say she has got a great taste in music and role models!
Enjoy your day with confidence and a belief that you can accomplish the impossible!


Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Do you ever feel like your life is on a treadmil?
As if you are automatically repeating the same routine?
Almost as if you are living groundhog day over and over?
We must pull ourselves out of our rut and strive for something that puts us in the present. Of course, we know that yoga is an excellent wake up call!
We can be so scattered in our thinking or just be on autopilot, so why not try something thta makes you really focus. Something that you really love and it will be like a lightbulb going on and you will see everything brighter and be more joyous. But of course, you must be aware and try not to fall into old patterns. If you focus and make a conscious effort to remain joyful it is worthwhile. We have to respect this beautiful life we`ve been given and not waste it on trivialities.

Yours with a Joyful Heart,
Yogi Mama