Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Good Day Everyone!
When you have a milestone in your life, it is customary to reflect on your life and achievements.
We are usually in disbelief at how quickly time goes by.
I think we should be grateful for our time whether it be quick or slow.
Don`t waste your thoughts on what could be, but what is ahead of us.
We are so lucky to be here and we must respect our time.
Be joyful, if you are full of regrets why not focus instead on fixing what displeases us.
Change is possible and if we put our energy in fixing ourselves we can be full of excitement at the future.
Life is good when we are good!!

Yogi Mama`s Thought of the Day

Good Day Everyone!

Did you ever have an amazing day only to have a very negative person try to take all of your positive feelings and replace them with anger and bad feelings? It happens a lot and we must acknowledge that this is upsetting and sometimes it takes a long time to rid yourself of the contagious negativity.
But if we are aware of the cycle and try not to be too contaminated, maybe the next time it will take less time to return to our personal bliss.
We cannot avoid some of these negative receptors, but if we can return to our positive receptors as quickly as possible, the contamination of negativity will be wiped away sooner.
Here`s to positivity!

Yours as Always,
Yogi Mama