Things I Love About Yoga

It’s Healing Affects


When I first embarked on my yoga journey, I did it fr weight loss and exercise. I didn’t believe in the hippie mumbo jumbo that some people say yoga can do, all I wanted to do was get really sweaty and while I did do that, I also began to experience the hippie mumbo jumbo stuff. When I started yoga, it was during a transitional point in my life, I was transitioning from university life to post university life. The transition was a little tough for me, my lifestyle had to change completely, everything from my diet to my living arrangements, to my friends and career. Yoga made that transition much easier for me because it gave me something to focus on, but I also really started to learn a lot about myself. I learned that I have hyper mobility in my body and I could really damage my joints if I didn’t get some more strength. I learned how to deal with my feelings in a better, more efficient way and to be more compassionate to others. I didn’t learn how much yoga can be healing until last summer, in 2013 so much in my life changed. I went through a major career change, I left a work situation that was extremely unhealthy for me. And right around the same time, my dad died. I am so lucky to be able to say that I had two sets of loving and caring parents, but it was my biological father that passed away. This and the career change all happened within one week. My life felt like it had literally been flipped upside down, but I continued to stay faithful to my yoga practice and I swear this is what kept me sane, Even though I had spent everyday for a little while crying and feeling upset, I made numerous breakthroughs in my practice. Around this time I also began meditating. I was able to see that I was not a victim in any of this, there was nothing I could have done and it wasn’t about life being fair or unfair, it was just about life being a cycle. And this is just my example, there are countless stories of addicts overcoming their issues with the help of yoga and meditation or kids with a.d.d. experiencing significant breakthroughs through yoga. I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Yoga really can help you find stillness in the craziness you can sometimes experience in life and that’s one of the reasons that I LOVE it so much!

Things I Love About Teaching

When Someone Says They Love My Voice


So this post may sound like it’s more about my ego than about teaching, but that’s not how it’s meant to come off, really I am so grateful when someone says this to me. I’m not known for having a great singing voice (though I’m quite the car performer haha). When I was a kid sometimes I would get teased about my singing voice, or even friends would playfully tell me not to quit my day job. It wasn’t overly cruel, but it did eventually make me shy about my voice and absolutely terrified to talk in front of a group. I was probably one of the worst public speakers in any of my classes growing up, I would imagine how everyone was judging me, from what I was wearing to how my voice sounded. So when I took my teacher training, I didn’t even stop to think about how nerve wracking it would be to talk in front of a group until I had to introduce myself to the group I would be training with and I felt that same nervousness from back in my school days. Overtime, during our training, I got better. That group was so supportive, you didn’t ever feel judged. Then it came to my very first public class and I had 67 people in the class, I had this whole plan and theme weaved around Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way”. It had just come out and I felt it was perfect for a yoga class because you shouldn’t feel the need to be doing exactly the pose that the person next to you, you should be feeling what your own body is feeling and work with that. However, when I saw just how many people were in that class, I freaked out just a little bit and just stuck to pure yoga, no themeing or anything. I made it through and felt like if I could make it through that I could make it through any class. So I got more and more comfortable and that was reflected in my voice. I like to teach with a calming voice even if what we’re doing isn’t that calming. Anyways, I slowly began to get the comment that I had a lovely voice or that my voice was soothing, or very relaxing. These comments meant way more to me than the people who made them ever probably thought they would. It was very therapeutic actually, it kind of undid some of that childhood teasing that stuck with me. So the more control I have over my voice to keep it calming and relaxing is like a two way street. I help to relax or soothe people and when they comment about it, it relaxes and soothes me and inspires me to work on it even more. Without taking the leap to begin teaching, I probably would never be as confident with who I am as I currently am. I would always be a little nervous of someone’s judgements (even if they didn’t really have any judgements). Just knowing that any small comment you make can brighten someone’s whole outlook is a powerful thing to know. I am so lucky to be able to teach yoga and experience all of my students’ yoga practices unfolding. Being able to receive the compliments and generousity of my students is just one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE teaching yoga!