I’m Back!!

Hey Stretch Love Yogis! It’s been over three weeks since my last post and I’m finally back! So this post is to update you all about where I’ve been and why I’ve been away from my daily yoga blog. The reason for my absence is that I moved and moving is really hard work! Mr. StretchLove and I moved into our own space on May 30th and we’ve been taking our time to make the space our own very special one. We both had visions of what we wanted for our space and we’re making that into a reality slowly but surely. We still have to paint his man cave and my girly bathroom, but other than that everything is in its place for the most part. The best part of all is that I now have a yoga room, so I have space now to share my offerings with all of you if you can’t for some reason have me over to your’s! I will be making another post probably tomorrow to inform all of you of my special new offerings and money saving packages. I’m so excited to tell you all and hope to be able to teach more of you with these offerings! I am now fully back and the blog will return to it’s regularly scheduled programming. Namaste all!! :)

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