Pose of the Month

Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 – Sage Koundinya Pose 2


Eka pada 2 is such a fun arm balance, it’s my favourite right now. At first glance it looks very difficult, but since your legs are basically counter balancing you, it’s less difficult than some of the more compact arm balances. To get into the pose, your hips and hamstrings should be pretty warm and you should be pretty proficient at chaturanga dandasana. Once you are all warmed up, a nice way to come into the pose is from lizard pose. So imagine you’re in a lunge and the back knee is down. Hinge forward from your hips so that your heart comes closer to the earth and then bring your shoulder under your knee (or as high up your arm as possible). Once you have this positioning down you can shift your weight forward and see if you can lift your front foot off the ground, this can be very tough, so work on this first. Once you’ve got that down, shift your weight even further forward and then begin to play with straightening and lifting your back leg. Once you find lift off super strengthen both legs and you may start to feel lighter in your chaturanga arms. So this is all pretty tough when you first try it, so practice your chaturangas, get really strong in your arms and really firm with how you place your hands (so that your wrists stay open and pain free). Warming up the core helps with this too believe it or not, so do a bunch of core work as well! Try it out and see how fun this pose can be! You may be surprised to find that one side may be easier than the other!

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