Pose Of The Month

Bakasana – Crow Pose


Crow pose, a challenging but fun arm balance which is considered by many to be the best beginners arm balance pose. To get into this pose, you must be proficient at chaturanaga dandasana and have warmed up your hips. Start in malasana (yoga squat), bring your toes to touch and knees far apart. Crouch down deeply between your knees, bring your triceps back to your shins, trying to get your knees right up into your arm pits. Come to your tippy toes and lift your bum high into the arm. Strongly engage your core, rounding your back and begin to shift your weight from you toes to your hands. If you have any fear of falling on your face, practice is a pillow or two in front of your face, that way if you fall forward there is a soft landing. If you are pretty comfortable in crow pose and your knees stay high up into your armpits, begin to play around with straightening your arms. Have fun and be safe when playing with this pose, even though it’s considered “beginner”, it’s not easy!

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