Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Mayurasana – Peacock Pose


Mayurasana – peacock pose is a very challenging hand/arm balance. In this pose, you are basically planking, but your legs are lifted. It is a pose that is done pretty often in the break dancing world. This pose is actually said to remove toxins from your body because of the intense and deep compression that is being applied to your intestine area. I find this pose so challenging because of the strength your wrists need to have, not to mention it’s quite hard to place ALL of your weight on your wrists especially when you’re in a straight line. Most other hand/arm balances are a little more compact and even a little more comfortable. This pose is definitely not that comfortable, at least not for me! So far, the longest I’ve been able to hold his pose is a good three seconds. This pose is definitely a work in progress for me, but I LOVE when I can get into it!

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