Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Kukkutasana – Rooster Pose


Kukkutasana is a very fun pose to do, but is very challenging. Essentially, you get yourself into lotus pose and slip your arms between your legs and lift your legs and bum off the ground. This pose can be very hard for westerners because our lifestyles tend to give us tighter hips. Lotus pose becomes an advanced position here whereas it’s not very advanced in eastern cultures. The difference is how we sit, in our cars, in the office, at home on the couch or dinner table. Anyways, I am lucky enough to have very open hips, that’s not my issue in this pose. My issue is the discomfort in how much your legs squeeze your arms when you bring them through the open space (essentially behind each knee). Once you have this part down, you roll your weight forward until you come into the hand balance of this pose. Now this part I find especially difficult because somedays it’s like nothing, there’s such easy liftoff, other days it’s like my bum weighs a thousand pounds haha! Anyways, it’s very fun to get into, it’s one of those “cool looking” poses and I like playing around with it very much! I love the challenge that this pose presents, but it is quite a challenge to me.

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