Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Eka Pada Bakasana – One Legged Crow Pose


Eka pada bakasana is a pose that I have not been able to achieve yet. I find that when practicing this pose, it not only requires a whole lot of strength, but it also is very uncomfortable in the upper arms. Basically, to do the pose, you come into crow pose and then shift your weight into one arm and begin to straighten the opposite leg. You also need to shift your weight a little more forward than you already are to counter balance your leg straightening behind you. Crow pose is not my strongest arm balance, I can always get into the pose but it’s not always as stable as I would like, so naturally coming into the one legged version is just not in the cards for me yet. The weight baring arm usually gets bruisey for me and I don’t particularly love that, so I don’t practice this pose maybe as often as I should (but I also don’t like walking around with bruises on my triceps). Everything about this pose is a challenge for me and it’s something I need to incorporate into my own asana practice a little more often because the poses we like the least are the ones we should practice the most!

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