Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Lolasana – Tremulous Pose


Lolasana is an extremely challenging hand/arm balance. To do this pose, start by sitting on your heels, plant your palms on either side of you and engage your core to lift your knees and feet off the ground. This pose is commonly used in vinyasa yoga to transition back to chaturanga dandasana. People who know how to do this pose make it look so easy and fluid. If you’ve never done it or haven’t found this pose yet, you will find that those people make it look so much easier than it is! To find this pose, you must clamp your knees shut, engage your pelvic floor, round your back, and engage your core as if you were sucking your bellybutton back toward your spine. It requires a huge amount of core strength and it definitely takes time to find this pose since it is fairly advanced. I have not found it yet, but working on it is part of my daily practice. Practice and all is coming! Lolasana is so challenging and journeying towards this pose is such a fun learning experience, that’s why I love it!

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