Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Viparita Salabhasana – Inverted Locust Pose


Inverted locust pose, or chin stand as many people know it to be called, is a frightening pose to me. Whenever I have practiced it, I have always kept at least one knee on the ground for support. However, when you Google it, there are some really amazingly beautiful images of people with their feet all the way in the air, or even in a scorpion-type variation. At this point in my practice, I am not ready to try the pose this way. To me, it ¬†seems, that your neck is in a very vulnerable position and kicking up into the pose could be very bad for you. I’m sure the people in the photos do not kick up into the pose, they probably float up into it by pressing, or they do it through some transition. If I were to try it, the only possible way at this point for me would be to kick into it, and that is not even an option just because of the vulnerability of my neck. I also do not understand the proper engagement techniques to be safe in this pose. So if I don’t have the understanding of what needs engaging, I will choose not to practice it. I do find it to be a beautiful pose and perhaps one day I will be ready to practice it, but at this point it is not a part of my practice. I can only assume that it holds some lovely healthy benefit, or could possibly be therapeutic if done properly, otherwise I’m sure people wouldn’t practice it. Either way, I find this pose to be a mental puzzle for me and a little too dangerous for me to try just yet, that’s why I find it so challenging!

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