Poses That Challenge Me the Most

Vasisthasana (Side Plank) With the Lower Leg In Tree Pose


So this pose is a variation of vasisthasana or side plank where instead of lifting your open leg and bringing it into whatever variation you prefer, you actually take your lower leg and bring it into tree pose. This changes the whole structure of your pose, you are now making your upper leg the weight baring leg and your lower leg is hanging, therefore making your hip region even heavier. This means that you must engage your core even more than before (I would say you will have to double your effort). Plus, in order for your knee to be facing the ground exactly, you must have very open hips, or have your hips very warm before attempting the pose. I would say that this pose is fairly accessible to get into for most people, it’s holding the pose that is the challenge. It also, obviously, requires a lot of arm strength for your supporting arm. Your legs are probably the heaviest part of your body, so imagine the effort that a normal side plank usually takes and then half of the weigh of your legs and just hang it off of your hip… I’m sure you can imagine how much more strength it requires. That being said, it’s probably of the better core stabilizing poses that I’ve experienced in a long while. Try it out for yourself, and don’t worry if you can’t hold it for a really long time! The strength this pose requires and thereby builds, is the reason that this pose is SO difficult, but is also the reason that I love this pose!

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