Poses That Challenge Me the Most

Visvamitrasana – Pose Dedicated to Sage Visvamitra


Visvamitrasana is a really tough pose, it requires a lot of strength as well as flexibility. To get into it, your hamstrings and inner thighs must be warmed up as well as your shoulders. It’s probably best to do some core warm ups as well, so that you are feeling strong and stable, Once you are completely warmed up, to come into the pose, the best way would be to come into a low lunge with both hands on the inside edge of your forward foot, then grab the outside edge of your forward foot with your opposite hand. From here begin to straighten your forward leg and pivot on your back foot so that you come to the inner edge of your foot. So basically, the pose looks like side plank with the foot that should be on the ground actually straight and being held by your upper hand. That may not make sense by reading it, but luckily for you there is a photo. The pose will not happen if your shoulders are really tight and you have to have A LOT of muscular energy going on in your supporting leg. This is one of those poses where you might feel the initial urge to hold your breath, but keeping a nice even and deep breath will carry you through the pose much easier. This pose is such a challenge to me because I have a bad tendency to hyper extend in my elbow of my supporting arm in side plank, so with the added challenge you can imagine how tough it would be for me to work away from my tendency. I do love a good challenge though and can definitely appreciate the strength this pose offers to me. I know that with more practice, over time, this pose will become a favourite of mine. The potential this pose offers me allows me to LOVE the pose, but the strength it requires definitely makes it one of the more challenging poses for me.

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