Poses That Challenge Me The Most!

Sirsasana – Headstand


I love headstand and I love doing headstands, but it is a challenge for sure! I got into headstand easily enough the first time I tried it (against the wall of course!), but to be stable in the pose is my challenge. When I get upside down sometimes my brain turns off and I forget how to engage my core, and while you’re upside down and your head is supporting your weight, that’s a dangerous place to be! In my personal opinion, it’s important to not hop into headstand and so that means not only do you have to have a strong core, but also open hamstrings. When you do get upside down, it’s so important not to just allow yourself to collapse your weight into your neck! You have to manage a way to remember to lengthen the crown of your head down into the floor. Once you have that down and there is no pain in your neck, then you have to remember to engage your core and find a way to press the soles of your feet toward the sky. Going upside down can be a really unfamiliar place to be and a place of fear for many. It can be very difficult to remember to find all that engagement and alignment in this pose. So if you’re new to this pose and wish to practice it, practice at the wall for as long as you need to until you can do all that work without thinking! Headstand is a beautiful, grounding, complicated pose and I love it, but that’s why I find it to be SUCH a challenge!

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