Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Pincha Mayurasana – Feather of the Peacock Pose


Pincha mayurasana is a forearm stand, basically handstand but on your forearms. It’s much more stable than handstand since you have a wider base, but still requires a huge amount of strength and stability. Stability is where my work lies, when going into an inversion it requires core strength and focus. Keeping your forearms parallel can be quite a challenge when going upside down, but this is the most stable position to keep your shoulders integrated. Since this presents such a challenge to many people, strapping your arms above the elbows and keeping a yoga block between your hands can be extremely helpful. Once upside down, the challenge is to stack your hips over your shoulders, engage your core and stack your knees over your hips and ankles over knees. This requires a great deal of strength, stability, and focus. The best place for your gaze is to look between your hands, looking down is a good way to find some focus. The two biggest misalignments are the elbows coming apart and back bending once you get upside down. When your elbows come apart, it greatly increases your chance for collapse. When you come into a major back bend, guess what? You’re collapsing in your low back. Therefore, collapse is the number one issue in this pose. Being a super bendy yogi, collapse is very common for me. Thinking about all these things to do while upside down can be surprisingly challenging. For this reason and all the actions, pincha mayurasana is such a challenge for me, but that’s why I LOVE practicing it!

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