Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Vrschikasana – Scorpion Pose

Vrschkiasana, or scorpion pose, is SUCH a fun pose to practice, but it is very demanding. In full scorpion pose, you’re not only doing pretty much the deepest back bend, but you’re in an inversion! The full pose is done either in handstand or pincha mayurasana, Once your legs are in the air you begin to bend your knees and bring your heart through your hands. Eventually you draw the back of your head toward the sky and bring your toes or even the soles of your feet to touch the back of your head. This is not a pose that should be busted out at parties just for fun, you need to warm up thoroughly to keep your body safe. The quads needs to be thoroughly stretched in order to allow such a big bend to occur. The hip flexors must also be thoroughly stretched so that you’re not initiating the back bend from the power of your glutes. This is not the type of pose that you want to muscle your way through. Moving along, you must warm your back up so that you’re feeling super open. Surprisingly, this includes warming up your core first, then moving along from mild back bends to more advanced. Finally you should do some shoulder opening so that when you’re in the pose, you can easily bring your heart through. A really safe way to practice this pose when you’re first learning is with a chair. So with the chair against the wall (the back of the chair is against the wall, seat facing out), bring your hands firmly planted on the ground with the pinky edges of your hands gently resting against the insides of the legs of the chair. Kick up into your pincha mayurasana pose, bring your feet to the wall. Begin to pull your heart forward and gently walk your toes down the wall until you touch the top of the chair back. If this is enough, stop here, if you can go further bring your toes to the seat of the chair and draw the back of your head toward the underside of the seat of the chair. This is your scorpion pose with a prop! When you come out of the pose, rest in child’s pose for a few breaths to re-centre yourself. Because this pose is a HUGE back bend and an inversion, you’ll likely feel extremely energized or even “buzzy” after. The energy this pose provides, the fun in practicing it and the over all difficulty it presents are all reasons why I find this pose SO challenging, yet SO fun!


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