Poses That Challenge Me The Most

Maksikanagasana 1 – Dragonfly Pose

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Dragonfly pose is a very challenging hand/arm balance that requires a big twist to get into. When I get into this pose, I feel very accomplished because it requires such strength and focus. The first time I tried this pose, I was able to get into it, but it usually requires major warm-up time. The average person cannot twist that deeply without warming up. Basically, to get into the pose, you must get your foot to stand on your tricep and your other foot floats out to the side. It is generally considered to be an advanced arm balance and therefore you must be proficient in chaturanga as well. This is a pose that I cannot get into without adequate warm-up. Even if I can get into a deep enough twist, I simply do not have the strength to shift the weight onto my hands half of the time, and then you get into the situation where yo either fall hard on our butt or fall forward (which could be dangerous). This is why it’s so accomplishing to get into, but maybe practice it with a pillow in front of your face… I love the shape and the accomplishment of this pose, but the strength and warm-up it takes are the reasons why it is SO challenging for me!

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