Poses That Challenge Me The Most!

Stick Figure HandstandAdho Mukha Vrksasana – Handstand

Ahhh handstand! My white whale pose. From the very first time I saw handstand demonstrated in a class I took, I’ve wanted to be able to do this pose. It has been a full four year journey, and I can only JUST kick up into this pose (in a controlled and aligned way, with the help of a wall). For four years, my teachers have been telling me that I can totally do it and to just stop being afraid. Going upside down can definitely be a scary place to be, but with the wall behind you it kind of takes away the fear. My problem was my beautiful elastic spine. As handy as my flexible spine is in the bendy poses, it definitely makes stabilizing a challenge for me. Oh, and I have extremely open shoulder blades, so putting all my weight into my arms and asking my spine to stabilize me was quite the task. Anyways, I chose to make this pose my goal. I did every core exercise you can imagine, I did boot-camps, I did crossfit (for a full year!) all to strengthen my core. Well, I can say that the hard-work has paid off and I can kick up into a handstand! What does that mean for my goal? Is it achieved? The answer is, it depends. I can do it and for some people that might be enough. For me the next step is to move away from the wall and find a splits variation (it’s easier to balance). From there, I will find the straight leg variation. From there I will learn to press up into a handstand from wide legged forward fold, etc. etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. This is why handstand is so CHALLENGING, but also why I love it so much!

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