Private Yoga Classes:

-Are designed specifically for you.
-Are at your location.
-Are designed for all levels of skill in a comfortable and fun environment. 
I will also work with you to provide special yoga classes that suit your needs 
I provide yoga classes in Burlington, Hamilton, and Oakville.
Contact me at or (905) 317-8557 to schedule a lesson.
Private Yoga Classes
1 Hour – $60 (pricing is for
one person,
additional participants
will be an extra cost of $5/person.
Example: two people will cost $65

Flexibility Training
1 Hour – $60 + $5 Per extra Person

Please note: prices above do not include HST
Stretch Love Yoga Room
1 Hour Class – $15

On-Site Corporate Yoga Classes and Large Group Yoga Parties, Please contact me for more info.
yoga classes

Examples of types OF YOGA That I Can Offer

Gentle: A slow paced series of postures linked together to create a nice calming sequence. These classes are ideal for new, injured, and elderly yogis; these classes are also great if you have been away from your practice for an extended amount of time.

Hatha: Postures which are connected together to encourage growth in your practice. These classes are all level.
Flow: A sequence of postures weaved together to allow grace and strength to flow through your body. Though these classes can be challenging, these are still all level classes.
Pre-Natal: Postures and knowledge put together to help the mom-to-be to acknowledge and work with the changes happening inside of her. These classes are geared for any mom-to-be in any trimester.
Post-Partum: A sequence designed to help the new mom return to a place of strength for both her and her new addition. These classes are ideal for any new mom who has had at least 6 weeks of recovery after delivery.
Yoga-Fit: A hybrid of yoga, endurance, and strengthening. These classes are ideal for those looking to strengthen, tone, and challenge themselves.
Yoga For StrengthA Hatha based yoga class focusing on strengthen the major muscle groups to assist in more advanced movements. These classes will challenge you, while teaching you good alignment in strength based poses.
Yoga for Flexibility: A Hatha based yoga class helping you to play at the boundaries of your own mobility. These classes will warm you up and feel blissful, while increasing the flexibility of your tightest muscles over time.
Yoga for Relaxation: A slow paced yoga practice focusing on calming your nervous system. The poses will be built into a sequence that is optimally calming. These classes will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for bed!

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