Some of My Favourite Poses

Upa Vista Konasana – Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold


Wide legged forward fold is one of my absolute favourite stretches. I find this pose to be so “yummy”, it just makes your inner thighs feel amazing. I’m quite open, but I find a wonderfully deep stretch in this pose. I find it to be one of those poses where you can be fully upright and get a nice stretch as well as fully folded forward getting a nice stretch. Whereas in some stretching poses, taking the modified variation makes me feel no stretch whatsoever. This is a pose that I find you can’t push yourself into, it’s almost like hitting a brick wall, for most people they reach a point where they cannot go further and then when you get to that point, just breathe. I love spending a whole lot of time in this pose because the longer you stay in it the more time your body has to slowly stretch and open as far as it’s going to on that day. The lovely stretch this pose offers is why I LOVE it so much.

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