Some of My Favourite Poses

Tadasana – Mountain Pose


Tadasana is a seemingly effortless pose, but that can be quite deceiving. Tadasana looks just like the term for standing up, but there are intricacies for optimal alignment. for example, the thighs should be internally rotated to create space to lengthen the tailbone down, which allows the spine to lengthen. Shoulders should be drawn up and back to bring your shoulder blades flat on your back. The chin should be slightly angled down to maintain the neutral curve of the cervical spine. That’s a lot of work for a pose that just looks like you’re standing tall. I find that tadasana is similar to water in that it is easy and soft in the short term, but if you were to hold tadasana for a long period of time, it would wear away at you just like water! I have a friend who went to a class where they stood in tadasana for 45 minutes. Don’t ask me what type of class that was, but apparently she had never sweat more in her life, and she wasn’t in a hot class, she wasn’t even moving! Tadasana is technically an easy pose that is accessible to the general population, but I find it is a pose where you have a huge opportunity to learn a lot about your body. When I started yoga, there was no way I could understand how to internally rotate my thighs, but over time I figured it out in that pose. I learned about my tendency to hyper extend my knees and my tendency to overly back bend. Tadasana is a tricky pose with tonnes of learning opportunity and that’s why I LOVE it!

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