Some of My Favourite Poses

Tirkonasana – Triangle Pose

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Trikonasana is and has been one of my absolute favourite poses from the very first time it was introduced to me. To come into the pose from standing at the top of your mat, you would take a huge step back with one of your feet. There is some debate about whether you would place that back foot parallel with the back of your mat or to 45 degrees. I personally like to practice it both ways. Anyways, from there you would float your arms in line with your shoulders and hinge forward from your hips until you can bring your forward hand to a block or the floor. Back hand floats towards the sky. I love this pose because it’s so opening, you feel a great stretch on the sides of your torso, your forward hamstring is getting a nice stretch, and it’s both uplifting and grounding at the same time. What I also love about this pose is that it requires a lot of strength and drawing inward and you’re lengthening and stretching out. This may seem counter intuitive, but it’s the truth! Without the muscular engagement of your legs pulling towards each other your have the potential of slipping. Imagine doing this pose on a well oiled tiled floor! That muscular engagement also helps to prevent hyper-extension in the forward knee. So much is going on all at the same time in this pose, it’s complicated yet looks so beautiful and simple… For this reason and so many more, I LOVE trikonasana!

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