Some of My Favourite Poses

Eka Pada Rajakapotanasana – King Pigeon Pose


Pigeon pose is one of my go to poses. I love reclining pigeon where you have your one leg forward with knee bent and the other leg straight behind you, I find it very relaxing. However, it’s no secret that I love back bending, so the full pose where the back leg is bent and you are holding your foot and the sole of your foot is one your head… That has got to be one of favourite poses. It is a pretty advanced back bend, especially if you are fully engaged and have a nice, even curve throughout your spine. This is a pose that I wish everyone could get into, as funny as it may sound, resting your head on the sole of your foot is such a grounding and relaxing position to be in. I actually find this to be a really nice warm-up to super advanced backbending poses. I feel like everytime you see pictures of people in this pose, there is an air of warmth, happiness, and overall joy. It is such an expressive pose, the very definition of opening your heart. I think it is physically impossible for me to be in this pose and frown, it literally brings a smile to my face every. single. time. The overall joy and grounding that this pose brings to me is the reasons why I LOVE it so much!!

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