Some of My Favourite Poses

Hanumanasana (Flying Monkey) Splits pose

Hanumanasana is definitely one of my favourites. It seems like it’s just an open hamstring pose, but it’s so much more! It not only requires you to have open hamstrings, but also open quads and actually a lot of strength believe it or not. To do splits in a safe aligned way, you must be pulling your back leg towards the front and front leg towards the back, essentially plugging both femurs into their respective hip sockets. It’s a major tendency to turn the back foot out, especially if you come from a dance background, however in yoga we keep the back heel pointing toward the sky to help keep that femur plugging in. It is named after the Hindu god Hanuman, who essentially did a wicked leaping hop from one place to another in this pose to save his friend Ram’s love, Sita. So not only is it a cool looking, strengthening/stretching pose, it’s also a superhero pose, that’s why I LOVE Hanumanasana

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