Things I Love About Teaching

The Risk is Worth the Reward


Many times when new teachers finish their teacher training, they keep a full time job and do yoga work in their spare time. This is a very common way to start out. I find that after a while you begin to get more recognition and more classes and you don’t have enough personal time for your own practice. So eventually these teachers must choose between their full time job and their yoga job. I’ll admit that the comfortable choice is to stay with the full time job, the money is constant so you don’t ever need to worry about finding more work to cover your bills. The risky choice is to leave the full time job, this option only makes sense if teaching yoga is your true dream and you decide to not let anything stand in your way. At first the income is completely different, you have to work really hard to supplement the money you are used to bringing in. You may find that you have to teach a lot of classes to make what you’re used to making. In my opinion, it is SO worth it to work your butt off at something you love, especially if you hated the job you were at previously. I found peace and happiness when I took the plunge, whereas I used to feel anxious and angry a lot of the time at my old job. The main difference here is that the old job was just a job to me, I could not care less about that place. I knew the truth about how much they cared about their employees, I was treated with zero respect or appreciation. Really it was a waste of my time, the only thing I got from it was money. Now that I’ve left that place, I am focusing on my career. Everyday I am thankful for the opportunity to lead people through their practices. I get excited to teach something new, it doesn’t even feel like work! It is truly my passion and I believe that when you are passionate enough about something the money will follow, and so far it has. Even though it is extremely scary to leave the comfort of a stable job, the rewarding feeling I get from following my passion is one of the many reasons that I LOVE teaching yoga!

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