Things I Love About Teaching

Teaching is a Practice of Being a Student


In order to be a good teacher, I feel it is important to be diligent student. What I mean by this is that in order to be an effective teacher, I think it is extremely important to work at your own personal practice daily. In my opinion, your practice is sacred and something that needs to be worked on consistently in order to move forward. As a teacher, I think it’s imperative to show personal growth through classes offered. If a student does not see growth in your teaching or feels stagnated, I think you may fail to inspire your class to grow. Furthermore, I feel that in order to teach poses, you should be able to do the pose (even if it’s a modified version). Some people may disagree and I have been taught poses by teachers who couldn’t do that pose, but they were very able to convey the proper alignment and way to get into and out of the pose, but in my opinion many students need a visual and if you can’t offer that to them, you just shouldn’t teach that pose. I love the fact that this feeling pushes me to explore my practice. I have learned so many advanced postures and have grown my practice exponentially since becoming a teacher. I have conquered goals I had for years, I have tried and succeeded in many advanced postures, I have become more flexible and strengthened myself more than I ever thought I could. I believe that my students feel inspired by the range of motion and the strength that I have and I look forward to continue on this path. The opportunity and inspiration my students give me to further my own personal practice is one of the many reasons that I LOVE teaching!

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