Things I Love About Teaching

How Every Body Is Different


When you take a teaching training, you will find that every pose you learn how to teach and to do has a general form. Once you learn the general form of the postures, then you can teach the general population how to safely get into and out of a pose. The interesting thing you begin to see is how everyone varies in the intricacies of each pose. For example, when teaching a low lunge, you can instruct to have your back foot tucked under or to point your back foot. For some people one way will be amazing while the other students can’t even find their balance and definitely prefer the other way. Lately, I have found that there is a huge difference in which variation of pigeon prep pose feels best for people. The traditional variation of this pose has the front knee anywhere from a tight angle too a 90 degree angle and the back leg is straight back in line with the hip joint. The other variation has your front knee at a 90 degree angle no matter what and the back leg can be bent. Some people love the second variation so much that they would choose it over the traditional one every time. There are others who don’t like this variation at all, I personally don’t because I feel like the chances of your front thigh being tucked under are too high which can feel tweeky in the knee, which is a huge no no for me. How people experience and feel asanas in their bodies are so different, it’s so interesting. Take me for example, my hamstrings are so open that I rarely feel a stretch in that area and I have a really hard time knowing if I am ever engaging my hamstrings. This can make it difficult for me to understand how others feel in some poses, but investigating and learning about it is very interesting to me. Seeing just how different everyone is and learning from all these differences is one of the MANY reasons why I LOVE teaching yoga.

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