Things I Love About Teaching

Learning About the Body

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I find that when I take a yoga, I don’t always feel the pose, particularly when it’s a stretching pose. I have spoken about how I have hyper mobility in my body and I don’t experience some poses the same way the average student would. So when I teach a class, I find it to be such a great learning opportunity. I will often teach poses that I don’t feel and learn from my students exactly where the stretch is happening. When I learn this, I have such a better understanding and can better speak to the optimal alignment of the pose. When I teach a pose that the average student can do, but there are one or a few students who are having trouble with the pose, this is a great learning opportunity for me too. In these scenarios, I can find what’s hindering them and figure out the best props or assistance that I can offer so that they get the best experience that they can out of that pose. Everyday is a new opportunity for me to learn more about yoga and how bodies work and everyday I add new information into my yoga “toolkit”. All of this knowledge and information helps to make me a better teacher for my students. All of these opportunities to understand how others feel and to work with that in their practices is one of the many reasons that I LOVE teaching yoga!

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