Things I Love About Teaching

New Found Understanding


I so love and appreciate all the understanding I have gained through teaching. I understand so much more about this practice of yoga as well as my body and how general anatomy functions. I understand that different daily activities affect the way people can practice from day to day. I understand that yoga is not just about asana and that all aspects of the practice are equally important. This is all understanding I have gained since being a teacher. Before I took my teacher training, yoga to me was a really great exercise, particularly great in the hot room. I didn’t even know about meditation or anything about anatomy. I knew of pranayama simply because most yoga classes teach you to use ujjayi breath while moving through the postures, but I had no understanding of how vast the practice of pranayama actually was. I also didn’t understand what I was “supposed” to be feeling in some poses because with my level of flexibility, I just couldn’t feel it. After becoming a teacher and figuring out anatomy, and what muscles were being worked or stretched in these poses, I was able to find a better variation or completely different pose that worked the same areas. I also had a better understanding of how to build or structure a class to be optimal for my students. I learned how to both “wing” a class and also how to prepare for a class. When I took my first teacher training, I took it to become certified because I love yoga and wanted to make it my career. What I didn’t realize was that I would gain all this knowledge and understanding for my “yoga tool kit” and that I would continue to (probably forever) add to that tool kit and THAT’S one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE teaching!

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