Things I Love About Teaching

The Journey It Takes You On


Yoga itself is such a journey,but so far, the journey that teaching has taken me on has been so amazing and unexpected. When I was doing my first teacher training, I was working at a company doing account admin work, I was pretty miserable but it paid the bills. When I finished my teacher training, I was so very fortunate enough to get offered two studio jobs. So immediately after my training, I was balancing my fulltime job, my two studio jobs and my own daily practice. Overtime I began to LOVE my studio jobs and knew that’s where I wanted to focus my time, I felt like my fulltime job was just a job and the teaching was my life. It took me on a journey to find out the steps to start my own side venture where I could teach private classes. Again I was fortunate enough to get clients pretty much immediately and this was just another step on my path away from the corporate life. As time passed, I became more open to my situation and more comfortable with the idea of being happy and proud of my career. This naturally caused me to become less happy and tolerant of the fulltime job I had, it was a very abusive situation that I had put up with for far too long. Almost a year ago now, I took the plunge and turned my back on that place. After all the complaints I filed that went nowhere, after having my voice be drowned out for years, after shedding countless tears for the treatment I received, I was free. It was a scary feeling since it was a stable income, but now that my journey is more focused and not hampered by that place, my journey has been moving along so quickly and in such an aligned way. Teaching has afforded me the opportunity to buy my own home where I will be able to set up some new offerings (stay tuned in June for these incredible offerings). My stress level has gone down exponentially since leaving that place. And basically, I am here to tell you that if you are in an abusive situation, whether it be with a workplace, a significant other, a bully, or anything else, you can survive it, you will find the strength to get yourself out of that situation and even if it may seem scary, you will not only survive, but thrive with a much brighter and happier outlook. Teaching yoga helped me to find that strength and it is one of the MANY reasons that I feel so inspired by and LOVE teaching yoga!

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