Things I Love About Teaching

Walking Into a Full Class


I have been teaching for over four years, but one of the things that makes me so happy each and every time it happens, is when I walk into my class and it’s completely full. My very first class was one of these, I was teaching a community class and there were 67 students in the class, I was so grateful, but so SO scared to be teaching my very first class in front of that many people! I was so thankful for that experience because it felt like jumping into the deep end instead of slowly inching into the water. I feel like it helped me to quickly adapt to speaking in front of others. Not every class I teach is completely full and I am teaching a lot of private classes these days, but when I do walk into one of my public classes and it’s as full as the space will allow it, it really does warm my heart. It makes me feel like my offerings are appreciated and that in that moment many people NEED what I have to offer. It’s one of those situations that when you walk into the room and it is full, it just gives you an automatic smile, at least it does for me. I am so thankful everyday that people look at a schedule or this website and decide that they want to share their practice with me. I feel the best way to honour this and to show my appreciation is to keep being a student myself and make sure that my teachings are always evolving. The opportunity and privilege to teach a room full of yogis is so AMAZING and one of the many reasons that I LOVE teaching!

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