Things I Love About Teaching

When Someone Calls Me Their Favourite Teacher


I know that having attachments to such things is looked upon as wrong, but being someone’s favourite teacher is not one of my favourite things about teaching because it fuels my ego, it’s one of my favourite things because it makes me feel truly honoured. When I teach, I share a bit of my own personal practice, maybe not my exact same practice, but the same flavour. I teach what I love and I don’t necessarily try to please my students (other than when I ask them what they want to work on, but that’s a different story).Of course I cater to the needs of my students and would never teach them something that would not be remotely accessible and I would always lead them through an appropriate warm-up, but I don’t tend to try and do the poses they want to do (mostly because the poses we hate the most are the ones we need to practice). So when someone comes up to me after class and tells me that I am their favourite teacher or that they absolutely LOVE my classes, it warms my heart so much. Something in them recognizes the fact that I am trying to help them progress through and grow their practice. The fact that I get to teach people what I love everyday and to hear them say that they love it is just the most rewarding part of teaching I think. I don’t walk into a class hoping to make someone love me, my view of how successful my class is does not hinge on people loving me, that has zero affect on my teaching, but the fact that it happens all the same (and no, not everyone loves me haha!) is such a plus. This beautiful added bonus is one of the many many reasons that I absolutely LOVE teaching yoga!

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