Things I Love About Teaching

How Open Students Are to New Experiences


Sometimes when I ask the class in the beginning what they want to work on and crickets chirp, it can be disconcerting because I know that everyone has something they want to work on but are too shy to speak up. Sometimes though, I already have something planned and if no one speaks up, I go ahead with my plan. Many times it involves something new to everyone, which can be a little nerve wracking sometimes because you don’t want anyone to feel like they can’t do something or that the new moves are beyond them, but at the same time, their practices are never going to move forward if they don’t try weird new things. So, no matter how I’m feeling about what I’m planning to teach, I teach it because I eventually realize that my concerns have no merit. After these classes, the students almost ALWAYS tell me that they loved the new thing and can’t wait to practice it again. This blows my mind sometimes, just because it shows to me that people are so much more open minded than I sometimes give them credit for. It seems that everyone loves trying new things and even if it’s really hard, it gives them something to work towards, and everyone needs goals in their practices! Being consistently surprised by my students is just one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE teaching!

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