Things I Love About Teaching

Reading the Room


Reading the room? What does that mean? I would have never known before I started teaching, but after awhile I began to take “guesses” at what the class needed and geared the class to that. This doesn’t always happen and it certainly isn’t always the way I teach, sometimes I have a clear sequence either planned out or thought out and I want to go through with it no matter what. Sometimes I ask the class what they want to work on, but often times they don’t feel like speaking up, so it’s up to me to figure it out. The first few times I “guessed”, I was right and that really surprised me, as time went by, I realized that if enough people in the room are needing the same thing, it’s almost as if they are giving off signals or vibes. Sometimes I will start a class the way I was planning and then get the sense that the students are more or less advanced and so they need more or less thrown into the practice. I absolutely love the fact that if you as a teacher are receptive enough you can actually pick up on that. And that doesn’t just go for yoga teachers, it goes for teachers of any kind, and for people in general! Don’t get me wrong, I really value planned out classes or planning based on what the students asked for. I just think it is so important not to get set in your ways and to be open to teaching in varying styles to make your classes consistently interesting for both the students and for you. I don’t know about you, but if I were to teach the exact same thing for every class I teach, my week would be a little bit boring. Since I change things up constantly, my job always feels exciting and not like a “job” at all! Being receptive enough to cater to the needs of my students even when they don’t want to verbalize it is one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE teaching yoga!

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