Things I Love About Teaching

Watching My Students Progress


One of THE BEST THINGS about teaching yoga is watching your students as they progress. It is maybe the most rewarding thing about teaching people yoga. When a new student walks into your class or looks you up for private lessons and they’ve maybe never done yoga before, they are coming from a place of vulnerability, they are looking to you as a teacher to support them. If they choose to stay with you, they either consciously or sub-consciously find value in what you’re teaching. When what you’re saying really lands with them and they put the effort in, you begin to see their progression. I have to say, when a student reaches a goal that I know they’ve been working on, it brings me so much joy for them and makes me so proud of them! Even when I just see that a student is beginning to ease into a pose that was very challenging for them, I get this same feeling. I always make sure to tell them after class how amazing they are, or how far they have come over the amount of time we’ve spent together. The sense you get from realizing that what you’re saying is actually landing AND making a difference for people is an amazing feeling as well. It means that all the hard work you as a teacher have put into learning and practicing was actually all worth it. All of these reasons and many more are exactly why I LOVE seeing my students progress!

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