Things I Love About Teaching

Introducing Something New To Students


If you Google “Advanced Yoga Poses”, you’ll see some crazy poses that seem pretty inaccessible to most people. If you’re new-er to yoga, even arm balances seem pretty crazy. I remember the first time I was in a class and the teacher taught us bakasana – crow pose. I was like, “yeah RIGHT, there’s no way!”
Once I got that down, I figured it was as far as I could go. I eventually saw a someone doing mayurasana – peacock pose. I was thinking, that’s next to impossible. Then I went to a training workshop which Darren Rhodes was teaching, he taught it in such an accessible way that I actually got into it. I was thrilled!
So I realized if I feel this way, if I’m able to really breakdown some of these “party trick” poses, my students will feel this same surprised accomplishment.
I find that inversions and arm balances are the poses that make students feel this way the most. When I introduced a group to headstand for the first time and they all got it, there was such an amazing positive vibe that filled the room.
I recently introduced eka pada koundinyasana 2 (an arm balance) to a group for the first time. Even though it’s a tough pose to get the first time, just taking that first step and having me show them where they were heading was SO exciting for them!
The vibe that fills the room, the exhilarating feeling that is brought to the student, the joy it brings to me as a teacher, and countless other reasons provides me with just another reason why I LOVE teaching!

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