Things I Love About Teaching

It’s My Job!


Teaching yoga has become my career, every job I had before it was just that, a job. I didn’t care about those jobs, I didn’t care about those companies, it was not fulfilling in any way shape or for. The job I had before making the decision to do a complete lifestyle change made me completely miserable, it nearly ruined my life. That job tormented me over the four years and four months I was there. The worst part is, is that I could see how this giant corporation brainwashed people into thinking they were part of a “family” rather than the truth which was that everyone was a replaceable part of a machine (that wasn’t even well oiled). I shed more tears over that job and how I was treated there than I think I ever had over anything else. I saw the people who had been there for upwards of a decade and I saw how miserable they were. I saw and heard about their family problems, marital problems, how much they hated their job but weren’t willing to do anything about it. I saw myself stumbling onto that path and I decided to stop it. I was lucky enough to have been certified to teach yoga before I left that job. I was lucky enough to know what I wanted to do before leaving that job and was able to immediately start my dream job. My road is definitely less traveled upon, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I get to help people on their wellness journeys. I get to aid in peoples’ recovery from injury. I get to make connections with like minded people and see my students grow. I get to write about my experiences and share it with others who may be struggling. Teaching is my passion, my career, my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I LOVE it!

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