Things I Love About Teaching

Helping People With Their Fitness Journey

helping hand

So many people first come to yoga to embark or continue on in their fitness journey. I feel that it is such an honour when a student walks into your class and places their trust in you to help them on this path. It takes a certain amount of vulnerability to entrust someone who could be a complete stranger in such a valuable journey. To me, the experience must be positive, enlightening, and give the student a sense of accomplishment at the same time as setting the stage for growth. It’s a fine line between being too east and being too hard, so there needs to be just the right mix for the student. If the student chooses to stay on this path with you, you as a teacher get to witness their growth and development. How special is that? This stranger walks into my class and I get the privilege of seeing their fitness goals come to fruition. That is AMAZING and that is why I LOVE helping people with their fitness journeys!

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