Things I Love About Yoga

How Much You Learn About Your Own Body


Looking back on my life before I found yoga, I find it quite amazing how we as a society have become very good at ignoring every sign our bodies give us. Now that I have delved deeply into my practice, I cannot believe how badly I used to ignore what my body was telling me. I feel like yoga offers you the opportunity to begin listening to your body again. I have a sweet tooth and a big challenge for me is avoiding processed sugars, I avoid them because I know how bad they can be and how much they affect me. So a really good example of my ignorance was that I would have a sore mouth most of the time and not understand why, until I learned when I’ve had too much I get an inflamed little sore spot on my tongue. In yoga, I didn’t know how to feel a stretch in many poses cause of my natural flexibility. I would do what the teacher said, when really I should have been doing my own modification to feel something. I didn’t realize this until about a year into my practice, but when I realized it I was also too shy to do something different than what the teacher was saying to do. It took some time, but I began to become very skillful at listening to my body and do the most optimal pose for me. Now I listen so carefully that I can even tell when my energy or vibrations are low and know to avoid people with colds or really stock up on my vitamins to protect myself from illness. I can feel when my blood sugar is too high or low and I know how to nourish myself in the most optimal way to get me through my day. I can’t believe now how much I used to neglect my body. It’s actually quite amazing how much our bodies talk to us through sensations, all we have to do is listen to those messages and react accordingly to be the best we can all be. Yoga gave me the opportunity to learn how to listen to my body and understand the meaning of each sensation I feel and this is one of the many, many reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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