Things I Love About Yoga

How Different Everyone Is


I find that when you first start yoga, there is almost an element of competition. You are judging yourself in comparison to someone else, or you are silently telling yourself that you are doing better or worse than another. Over time, this fades away and you really are able to tune into your own body and your own practice. You begin to realize that there is no point in comparing yourself to other students in the class or even the teacher, because every BODY is different. Not only does every single person have a different and unique level of flexibility and strength, but everyone’s actual skeleton is landscaped differently. What one person may be able to do could be physically impossible for another person to do. At first when you see that you are different from everyone else, it can be scary and might make you feel self conscious, but as time goes by in your practice, you realize that individuality is so beautiful. Imagine how boring class would be if everyone looked exactly the same in every single pose. Expressing your pose with your body to the best of your ability on that given day is so amazing and beautiful. Sometimes we can take these things for granted, but trying to find gratitude for the beauty of your practice is a wonderful intention to set for your practices. The individual expressions of every single person in a pose is so amazing and is one of the many reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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