Things I Love About Yoga

There is Always Room to Grow in Your Practice


I find it truly amazing how there is always room for improvement in your yoga practice. To me, the term “practice makes perfect” should really be, “practice makes progress”. For example, my back bend practice is so deep that I thought for a little while that there was no way I could go further. I had my feet flat on my head and I had figured, that’s it, I’ve gone as far as one can go in back bends. That was kind of fine for me because I know how much work my inversions and arm balances can use, but I thought I came to the end of the road for back bending. Then one day I came across a beautiful account on instagram of a yogini named Talia. This woman is amazing, she trains so hard and competes. I’m nowhere near the level of her back bends and it made me realize for the first time that there is ALWAYS room for progression! And it’s not just in asana, there is always room for progress in all aspects of yoga, including pranayama and meditation. The other thing is, your body can be and is very different from day to day. Maybe one day you have just gotten into full hanumanasana and then the next day your legs are a little sore and you can’t. It doesn’t mean you’ve regressed, it just means your a little different in that moment, so keep working on it! Try not to ever think you’ve made it to the end of the line, keep reaching for the stars and you may just be amazed at what that leads you to. All the room for progress and growth that this practice offers us is one of the many reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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