Things I Love About Yoga

The Yoga High


I have heard the feeling you get after a great yoga class being called “The Yoga High” on more than one occasion. It’s that feeling you get when the class is over and your body feels great, it’s more strong as well as more open than when you walked in the class, and your mind feels more at ease. Maybe you’ve forgotten about a terrible day, or an argument you had, or maybe you went into the class with a headache and are leaving the class without. The “yoga high” is when everything that was out of whack in your body is now back in balance, and everything just feels so much better when it’s properly balanced! The reason that I love the “yoga high” is pretty self explanatory, I like feeling good and yoga makes me feel that way. But on a less personal note, I love the yoga high because I think it is actually a really cool aspect of yoga. If yoga was just an exercise to help you lose weight, you wouldn’t have this same feeling. Sure you would feel good after a great workout because exercise releases endorphins, but you don’t necessarily feel balanced. You might feel stronger, but you probably don’t feel more open, and most exercise routines don’t have any meditative sections during the practice. I think the yoga high is a reason that so many people fall in love with yoga and stick with it as a lifestyle (like me!). Also, the fact that everyone in the class can feel the same way after is an amazing collective group experience. I find it really fascinating and think it is a really important factor for yoga because I think it helps people connect deeper into their own body and mind. The yoga high is just one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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