Things I Love About Yoga



Even though savasana is “just” a yoga pose, it is something I really love about yoga. Savasana, otherwise known as corpse pose or final resting pose, is sometimes considered one of the hardest poses to do in yoga. There are two groups of people I have encountered (so far) in the yoga world, those who LOVE savasana and have no clue as to why it’s sometimes called the hardest pose, and then there’s the people who HATE it and have a million things running through their minds, they feel like it is not an efficient use of their time, and there is so many better things they could be doing right now. For those of you reading this who don’t really know what savasana is, it’s basically lying on your back at the end of a yoga practice. It is such an important part of the practice, I actually can’t emphasize enough how much you need savasana in your life. The purpose of savasana is to bring a definite end to your yoga practice, so that your body doesn’t feel like you may still do some poses. Another purpose of this pose is to allow your body to relax and rest after what may have bee a vigroous or thought provoking class. The even more important purpose of this pose is to allow your body to steep in what you just practice. What I mean by this is that you need to give your body and mind a little rest after a yoga class (and really any exercise you may do), this is not only to prevent you from being exhausted or energy depleted throughout the remainder of your day, but it is also so that your body can rest and feel the practice and store it all in your muscle memory. So imagine you kicked up into handstand for the FIRST time, if you just ran out of the class and went home to show your friends and/or family, chances are you wouldn’t be able to do it again right away. This is because doing so would be WAY to jarring for your system. If you got a pose for the first time and then allow your body to rest in savasana at the end of your practice, you’re giving yourself a chance to let the pose soak into your practice so that your body knows where to go next time. So of the two groups of people I mentioned earlier, I was 100% the second type. I could not wait to get out of class, I would count in my mind how long we had stayed there, I’d get angry if it was too long, I even would sneak out of the class sometimes if I could. Overtime, I realized how disrespectful that was not only to the teacher, but to myself. Essentially my busy mind was preventing my body from resting and soaking in the practice. What I came to realize was that I had a really hard time sitting in silence, even in my daily life, sitting in silence made me feel very awkward and uncomfortable. Once I realized this I was able to work on that part of my practice and now I am 100% in the first group, the people who LOVE savasana. Now as a teacher, the time I leave the class in savasana varies depending on how strong the practice was that day. When I encounter someone who hates the pose or even (very rarely) complains to me about savasana, I try to explain to them the importance and hopefully help them to discover why they should practice this pose more. The shifts in not only you mind but also in your body that you can discover in savasana is one of the MANY reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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