Things I Love About Yoga

The “Awakening”


By awakening, I don’t mean some weird religious/cult-y awakening, what I mean is awakening in the sense of a new found awareness you get from cultivating a devoted yoga practice. So by devoted practice, I mean a devoted asana practice as well as a meditation and pranayama practice. I would say on average most people start with asana and then from there decide to try out meditation and pranayama. In my opinion, when all three are practiced regularly, an awakening happens. So through regular practice, I feel that you become more contemplative of the world and become a little more conscious of your ethical standards, this happens to be one of the 8 limbs of yoga (called yamas). So maybe you start to question things such as your diet, where the food comes from, how the food is grow/raised. You begin to become more keenly aware of your body, so maybe you really like the taste of candy, but now that you’re more in tune, you realize that it doesn’t digest well (something you may have never realized before). You become so in tune with your body that when practicing asana, you can adjust your own pose because you start to feel that your alignment may be off (even if by the smallest amount). Even when you start to consume better food you begin to feel that your body is functioning more efficiently! Maybe during meditation it is easier for you to gain the stillness and concentration to block out the other senses. Maybe over time you even begin to feel the amazing benefits that meditation and pranyama have on your body separate from asana. All-in-all you begin to view the world differently, questioning and researching where things come from and trying to pick the best options for you and the world. Certainly you begin to view your body in a differently light, you choose the best options for your whole body rather than what your tongue or ego demands. Overtime, your tongue and ego will quiet and you will be more receptive to food that nurtures you rather than caters to some craving. These amazing changes that just happen naturally contribute to the many MANY reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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