Things I Love About Yoga

All The Interconnecting Branches


It’s funny to think now, but when I took my first yoga class, I thought it was just a low-impact exercise for flexible people. I soon found out that meditation and pranayama were big parts of yoga as well, but what I didn’t realize was that there are SO many interconnecting branches of practices that weave together and compliment yoga in so many ways. When I took my 200 hour teacher training, I was introduced to kirtan, which is a traditional performance with singing, chanting, and instruments. To me it was like a really relaxing and calming concert where the songs were mostly in sanskrit. When I took my 300 hour yoga teacher training, I was introduced to Ayurveda and fell in love with its principles. Since that part of my training, I have been starting my day by oil pulling, then having a drink of warm lemon water to kickstart my digestive system, having oatmeal everyday for breakfast, etc. Ayurveda tells us that having a properly functioning digestive system is the key to health, so it’s really mindful of what we put in our bodies, but I also find it to be non-judgemental, it doesn’t tell us to be vegan or gluten free or paleo, it just suggests what is most calming and healing on your digestive tract. I also learned about crystals and how healing they can be. I learned about being mindful of the moon cycles and understanding how the moon and its cycles affect our bodies.I learned about grounding myself and energies and vibrations of people and spaces and how to work with these. And moreover, I learned about how just showing gratitude for everything we’re grateful for changes our vibrations and the vibrations of the things we’re grateful for. The point is, from a little seed of just wanting exercise came all this knowledge and wisdom about being mindful and kind. I can’t believe how yoga has opened my eyes and my mind and that’s one of the many reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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