Things I Love About Yoga

Poses That Challenge You


One of the biggest things I love (and struggled with when I started yoga) was the challenge of poses that didn’t come easily to me. I remember the first time I went to a class and saw someone doing crow pose. There was practically a question mark over my head. I was thinking, “yoga people actually balance on their hands… How?!”. All the stretching came so easily to me, I figured this would too. So I tried and of course I couldn’t do it. I was enraged. I was so angry I felt my blood boil. In Ayurveda, they might say I was very pitta in that moment. Instead of giving up, packing away my mat and never doing yoga again, I was intrigued. I wanted to do that pose so badly that I practiced everyday until I got it. Another one of those poses that took me much longer to get into was handstand. I couldn’t do handstand for four years! Instead of causing anger in me, these challenging poses cause inspiration. I see others doing something that I can’t and then I delve deeper into my practice to be able to achieve that in my body. In each and every case, these challenges have helped me to understand and work with my body better. I’ve gotten stronger and more stable because of these poses, both mentally and physically. Of course if you’re not thinking about it, doing what comes easiest to you is appealing. But if you take a moment to think, doing and practicing that which is a challenge will be that much more of a benefit for you. Once you achieve it, you’ll feel so amazing and gratified. The best part is, there is no final destination, there is always a deeper variation. Keep challenging yourself! Keep bettering yourself! The magic happens outside of your comfort zone and that’s why I LOVE poses that challenge me!

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