Things I Love About Yoga

Poses That Come Naturally


As much as a good challenge helps you to push and expand your boundaries, poses that come naturally to you are such a delight. Everyone has that one pose or that set of similar poses that, if given the chance, they would tend to gravitate towards. For me, it’s back bends. For a long time in my home practice, I chose (subconsciously) to place a major focus on my back bends. Naturally, without any practice, I was able to go into deep back bends. So the more I practiced it, with integrity, the deeper I was able to go. Now my back bends are extremely advanced. The good thing about practicing it in my personal practice was that I experimented with different ways to do the back bends, different transitions, and most importantly, different ways to teach the back bends. The downside now is that I don’t really know what sensations come up for the average practitioner, so I have to be very mindful what expressions I teach. This sometimes has caused me to perhaps be a little too gentle. However, practicing poses that come naturally to you are like a sense of relief or comfort in a yoga class. Have you ever had that joyful feeling when the teacher tells you that you’re about to go into your favourite pose? Of course you have (even if that pose is savasana)! Has the teacher ever picked you to demonstrate a pose because he or she knows that you are a master of that pose? If so, the feeling is wonderful. These poses are like the best dessert you could imagine, or a vacation away from the tough stuff. These poses quite literally bring a sense of calm over you because you know this is your pose. Just like anything, practicing poses that come naturally to you have their benefits and their perils. But the sense of ease, comfort, and joy that these poses bring are the main reason why I LOVE poses that come naturally to you!

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