Things I Love About Yoga

Personal Growth in Asana


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on this blog about how much I LOVE seeing my students progress in their practice and how it really makes teaching worthwhile. Now, I’m writing about how much I love seeing/experiencing growth in my own asana practice. I don’t necessarily mean getting to that super crazy, apex, pretzel pose, what I mean is really growing in your practice. An amazing example of this is in my personal practice, and I’ve spoken about this a few times, handstand was a “white whale” pose for me. It would make me feel really diminished and like my practice wasn’t very good when handstand would come up because I could not do it. As time went by I let go of the attachment to doing handstand. I made the intention to work on the area that was weakening me, but I let go of the attachment, I decided to be fine with the fact that there was a possibility that I’d never be able to do it. This was tremendous growth! The thing that really took away from my practice, my pride about not being able to do something, had gone away, what AMAZING growth. The first time I went to a class after I had given up this attachment and we did handstand, I was SO happy that I didn’t feel bad about myself or my practice, and I still couldn’t do the pose. Eventually after at least a year, I again found myself in a class where handstand was being taught (of course I didn’t wait a year to take a class, there had been many handstand classes in this year span) and lo and behold, I was able to do it (against the wall). I was so surprised with myself that I very nearly fell right out of it (but I held on). That made my day! This journey of handstand let me experience TWO amazing asana breakthroughs, one being the letting go of attachment and the other being achieving the pose. This is just my example, and I have so far to go with it, but everyone has their own version of this story, be it inversions, back bends, etc. Observe your growth over a long span of time and take the time to see how truly amazing you are as an individual. Breakthroughs and growth are a huge part of why I LOVE yoga!



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