Things I Love About Yoga

The Community


When you become involved with yoga, you become a part of a wonderful and accepting community. Whether it be through your town/city, favourite studio, social media, etc. there is a lovely community of like minded people who support each other and it is so lovely. When you become a yoga teacher, you find out even more how lovely this community is. When you as a teacher trains with another teacher, it is very likely that they know others who you know. It is a very lovely feeling knowing that the yoga world isn’t so huge and that your teachers can be in a completely different country than you, but are still just as supportive. Have you ever been to a class that was more workshop-y and you were doing a really tough pose and everyone was cheering you on? Have you ever been chosen to demonstrate a pose and the rest of the class gave you a round of applause when you finished? I have, and it is such a joyous feeling! The other amazing thing about the yoga community is how the word spreads. If you’ve been to an AWESOME class, it is more than likely that you told someone else to check out that class. The benefits of this are threefold, not only are you helping that teacher by getting their name out, helping the studio to survive by sending referrals there, but you may be connecting a teacher and/or studio to someone who really needs what they have to offer at that time. This to me is the very definition of support and is one of the many reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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