Things I Love About Yoga



We are always changing, growing and evolving. Every moment of everyday we change. That means that in our yoga practice, there is always room for growth. No matter how deep you are in a pose, there is always something more you can do in it. Whether it’s simply getting deeper into the shape of the pose, or if it’s something more subtle like more internal rotation of your thigh, more rooting of your tailbone, more control over breath, bandha locks, etc. etc. etc. There is ALWAYS something to explore in your practice. This is one of the things that makes yoga so interesting to me. It really allows you to have tangible goals. When you start out, your goal can be something over arching like, “losing weight”, “getting stronger”, “increasing flexibility”, etc. etc. Then eventually your goal can become something like coming deeper into the shape of the pose, or achieving a pose you can’t quite get, or holding a pose longer. It can be finding a steady breath, engaging your muscles more, rooting your shoulders and thighs, keeping your spine long, etc. It can get so subtle that your goal can be to explore the very end of your breath and play with bandhas in each pose. Your goal can be to pay extra special attention to the sensations in your body that you have gotten really good at ignoring. The point is, yoga is such a vast discipline that there are countless goals you can have, and these goals can change daily. The deeper you delve into your practice, the better you get to know your body and to play with both your strong and subtle boundaries. Being able to play with innumerable goals in your practice is one of the many reasons that I LOVE yoga!

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